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Legal issues that surround the family are often emotionally tasking and legally complicated. These typically include such difficult issues as paternity, divorce, child custody, and spousal support. Many of the legal rules involved apply in multiple ways, a large number of which may be different from what you would want for your family.

Knowing that the law may affect your family in ways that may be very different from your wishes may elicit a storm of emotions – from fear to anguish or even hurt and frustration. However, understanding how these laws apply to you and your loved ones will be critical for peace of mind and the confidence that you are on the right track. 

At Meeker Law, our experienced family attorney understands the emotional and legal challenge of family law issues. We know how draining these issues can be, and understand that, when these issues begin, it can be difficult to find a legal professional who can act as a confidant, friend, and advocate. 

This is why we go out of our way to provide discreet, compassionate, and resolute family law expertise to clients residing in Detroit and throughout Michigan. At Meeker Law, we believe that every person involved in family law cases should have the benefit of clear, uncomplicated, and tailored legal advice that suits their circumstances. As a result, we are dedicated to understanding your challenges and desired results, and working to find creative solutions that meet your goals. 

We provide advice on a wide range of family law issues in Metro-Detroit, including divorce, child support and visitation, grandparenting time, high-asset divorces, and property division. If you or a loved one are going through any family law issues in Metro-Detroit, contact Attorney Alicia Meeker for help. 

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Macomb Family Law Attorney

Family law issues are notoriously complicated, due to the sheer range of circumstances that the law provides for. Marriage is an important event as far as the law is concerned, and as a result, there are multiple rules and principles that dictate how it should 

Our Metro-Detroit family law attorney represents clients throughout Metro-Detroit who need effective legal assistance in relation to a wide range of family law issues including the following: 

Divorce Attorney

Detroit Divorce AttorneyIn situations where a marriage dissolution is unavoidable, our experienced Metro-Detroit divorce attorney can provide experienced legal assistance. Usually, there are residency requirements that must be satisfied before a person can file a divorce. Either you or your spouse must be resident in the county where you intend to file, in addition to state residency requirements. 

Often, the divorce process will be court-supervised, meaning you may have to go through a trial before a family law judge. But this is not always the case. Parties may decide to explore the benefits of a collaborative divorce, accomplished with the aid of a skilled collaborative law attorney. 

Collaborative divorce saves on the stress and resources that court-supervised divorce will often entail. The process is typically faster, cheaper, and allows the parties far more freedom than is possible in a court-supervised process. It is especially suited for circumstances where there are bespoke issues that need resolving in a creative, flexible process. 

At Meeker Law, we also provide specialist experience in relation to high-asset divorces. While the normal divorce process is already complicated enough on its own, high-asset divorces typically include greater considerations relating to property division, pre-marital assets, and what constitutes marital property. 

In relation to these issues, it is necessary to secure the help of attorneys who are able to provide well-rounded advice on issues that potentially overlap between different areas of law. 

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Child custody, child support & visitation

Child Custody Attorney in DetroitCustody battles are typically messy and exhausting, and as a result, our primary aim in these matters is to secure the best advantage with the least possible disruption. We understand that, while parties are invested in protecting their rights throughout the divorce process, they also want to protect the best interests of their loved ones and children. 

This is also our goal as we will work with you to show the court, or demonstrate during the collaborative divorce process, how the best interests of your children can best be secured during custody discussions. Whether this includes considering exclusive custody with liberal visitation rights, shared custody, or a hybrid arrangement, you can trust that we will find a creative solution that meets your needs. 

In certain cases, it will also be necessary to consider and make arrangements for grandparenting time, in addition to custody arrangements between the parents. Grandparents are critical elements of a child’s life, in many families, and depriving them of the care and comfort of a grandparent can be devastating. 

We are able to advise on the possibilities available to structure parenting time between grandparents, including play dates, or even remotely, where the circumstances of the case require. 

Alimony/spousal support 

Detroit Alimony Family AttorneyAlimony often factors prominently in divorce and is one of the issues that family law courts are often called upon to resolve. These issues are often complicated though, and a satisfactory resolution will depend on the unique circumstances of the case and the factors involved. 

In certain circumstances, a spouse may have given up their professional life or career in order to provide care to children of the marriage and other housekeeping duties. In these circumstances, a court may order adequate alimony, which may cover the personal living expenses of the spouse. 

The spouse may also wish to return fully to their professional life or obtain a similar job that will enable them to meet their professional aspirations or return to a level of financial independence. The eventual sum payable as alimony will take all necessary factors into consideration before a decision is made on the final sum. 

The Metro-Detroit family law attorney at Meeker Law can present factual and legal justifications for a sum that tallies with your financial capabilities and legal interests in the contested case. 

Post-judgment matters 

Detroit Alimony Family AttorneyAfter finalizing a divorce or judgment on a family law issue, the next concern is usually enforcement. Certain issues, such as child and spousal support, may need the ongoing intervention of a court in order to secure prompt and proper discharge of all financial responsibilities. 

Meeker Law can assist with securing enforcement through a number of options including wage garnishment. In some cases, it may also be necessary to activate contempt proceedings, especially when support obligations are being intentionally ignored or avoided. 

We are also able to advise on and assist with obtaining important post-judgment modifications to family law orders. This may include modifying the amount payable or other factors involved in child support, modifying parenting time, or securing a modification that takes the unique circumstances of the case into consideration – such as COVID-19 enforced changes. 

Whether the situation involved a change in school or move-away issues, Meeker Law is ready and available to help you obtain the necessary modifications that let you move on with your life. 

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Family law issues may be complicated, but they do not need to remain so. With the help of an experienced attorney, it is possible to secure a swifter, faster, and more beneficial resolution. 

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