Recent Client Testimonials

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Great, Caring Attorney
“Alicia was a very involved and helpful lawyer. She made sure that I understood everything in the process of my divorce and aided me to accomplish my goals in the legal process. I would recommend her for your family attorney needs with no hesitation”

Pitbulls in a skirt they are!
“Alicia Meeker was my main point of contact, she was so nice and understanding and she really fights for her clients!”

Amazing Representation!
“Alicia made herself available to me at all hours of the day to answer questions. She helped me understand the process of what would happen in court and made me feel comfortable. Although I hope to not need her services in the future, I would 100% recommend Alicia to get you the result you need”

Kicked major butt!
“Alicia was detailed, prepared. and powerful every step of the way throughout my divorce. Alicia was able to predict my ex-wife’s every move and stop her in her tracks! I initially wanted a female attorney so I knew I was heard and understood, and I underestimated her force, presence, and ability to kick some major butt! I recommend Alicia Meeker with no hesitation”

Attorney you can actually trust
“I hired Alicia after I had a horrible experience with my prior attorney, who cost me a fortune to accomplish nothing. Alicia was thorough, HONEST, and I felt she genuinely cared about myself and my children. I cannot thank Alicia enough for her amazing representation and wish I would have started with her from the beginning. It would have saved me a ton of money and turmoil”

“Alicia is the BEST! I came to her after losing custody of my two children. Alicia didn’t sugar coat anything and literally guided me and hooked me up with the professionals and resources I needed to get my kids back. After an aggressive battle, I have my kids back in my life and couldn’t be more grateful for Alicia”